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Story of Wine & Sights

STORY OF Wine & Travel Agency

My name is Vaclava (Wendy). I was born in family in Southern Moravia. My grandmother lived in a village in wine-growing sub –region Slovácko and had vineyard. Grapes were successfully processed into delicious wine. I spent every my holiday at my Grandma and I took part in all the work related to wine. Here with me was created the germ of love of vine.
I have always wanted to travel. My fondness for travelling later grew into desire to own a travel agency. Both my dreams finality met. My Travel Agency has been successful.. “
Two years ago I was due to get my son Thomas to work in Norway. It was incredible experience. I gave many thanks for him! There in me again started to germinate desire to start a new travel agency. But it will be completely different! Such a travel agency which would show foreigners what they cannot find in their guidebooks.
At first I was with my idea alone. Later I managed to excite it even more.
Founder and owner
My name is Hanka. I studied tourism at the University in the northern Moravia. Then I moved to Brno, which I immediately fell in love. To arrange programs especially for YOU is my hobby. I met Wendy by chance and we found out that we share a love for South Moravia and a good wine. My lifelong dream is to have an incoming travel agency showing tourists the beauty of Czech Republic and keep them happy and smiling.
My name is Marek and I´m 25 years old. I´m studying University in Brno. My family produce wine in our small cellar and I also lecture about wine in wineries. My favorite hobbies are folklore, tennis, foreign languages and everything connected with wine, especially the tasting part. It was my reason to work together with Wendy . I am wine guide in Wine & Sights agency.

Wine and Sights Agency.
Come to discover and taste what will not find in the world guide!!!

Help me find the magic - interesting places associated with wine