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Moravia and Wine


Why Southern Moravia gives birth to wines of original taste?

The grapes are grown in Moravia since 300 AD. Sizes of the vineyards are small. It is possible to find 30 white varieties of white wine and 26 red varieties listed in the State Book of varieties in local vineyard.

One shall not forget that this wine range of Moravian wines also influenced by the combination of natural conditions and work of human hands. There are more than 700registered wineries from large companies to small family firms, and thousands of small private winemakers. The resulting style of individual wines is not determined only by terroir, diverse terrain, differing soils and microclimate but also by the wine maker with his invention, his experience and application of traditional methods or new trends.

As are the original wines there, as are genuine the people on Southern Moravia. With wine, there are also closely associated folklore and Moravian cuisine. If you visit Moravia at the right time you can attend events ("hody”, historical vintage, cellars open .....) which are typical for this area.



How to find an interesting wine and other attractions?

Because we live here in Moravia, we love this place we know the creator of these wines and other hidden attractions of this area. Therefore, you can get acquainted with this. We cooperate with medal winemakers.


Among other curiosities in Moravia are:

We believe that our program will attract and both parties will be happy. We hope that we meet in amusing cool at a set table in the wine cellar. We taste together delicious local wine and we will become of our friends.


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